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vRockstar at VMworld EU 2016

This year’s vRockstar event was a gain a great success!

We sold out of all of the 450 tickets in under 30 mins this year which is no small feat! 🙂

I’ll start by thanking our sponsors whom without we wouldn’t be able to put on such a cool event each year!

This year Veeam, Rubrik, Nutanix, VMUG, Zerto, Hytrust, EMC and Exelerys were sponsors and that’s the largest list of sponsors we have had to date with just goes to show how much the IT industry really does support what we are doing! Which is nice! 🙂

This year we had a professional photographer on site and got some great pics! They are available on the vRockstar website at http://vrockstar.eu/the-vrockstar-2016-pictures-are-online/

Also a huge thanks to Marco Broeken who co-organises this event with me every year! It’s not an easy task for just 2 of us to pull off but we somehow mange it each year!!


vRockstar will be back next year!

Until then keep your eyes peeled for more events as I am planning to do more VMware centric community events like this in the new year! 😀


VMworld 2016 summary!

This year’s VMworld US left me feeling a little bit more fragile than usual!

This is because it was in Las Vegas and the cream of the VMware community do tend to push the envelope when it comes to networking fueled by good food, booze and locations that enable you to get a sun tan!


So what were my highlights of this trip??

1.) The vBrownBag is still running strong and for me is always a good source of info! The 2016 conference channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2rC-8e38bUX3Ja51TnqJl7vgfb9ceGce

2.) The VMware Communities Podcast – There was the option this year to book a slot to video podcast on the VMware communities podcast! I’m not sure where this is online but if you look hard enough i’m sure you will be able to find them!

3.) The VMunderground – This even always runs strong and sells out. This year due to the conference being in Vegas found us struggling to get sponsors on-board as when in Vegas companies tend to opt to run their own events. The organisation team at the VMunderground did however manage to pull off yet another great event!

4.) Cool new announcements in the general session (although i watched it streamed to my TV in my hotel) which included, vSphere integrated containers for developers, NSX enhancements, Horizon and Airwatch within the EUC field oh and ofcourse “VMware Cloud Foundation”!

Stay tuned on more things as this is only a short list of stuff that caught my attention!

I’m sure there will be more at VMworld EU! 😉


Every year I get on a plane and head to Monaco for the Formula 1 race and his year was no exception!

Also in attendance were VMware community member Tim Oudin and also my brother Tom who works in IT project management.

Monaco(Left)Tom, (Middle) Me, (Right) Tim

As usual the experience was out of this world! I would highly recommend all the companies I work with should take a look at Monaco for an all year round top notch networking, conference and business retreat location!

The race was awesome and the party that follows every night of the race week is something that I can’t describe… you have to be there to understand!!!

Tim might hate that picture I published a bit as he has a slight smile!!! 🙂

You can see all my Facebook pictures at this link – MONACO GP FB PICS


VMworld 2016 Info from EMCWorld

Today I saw this great interview on SiliconAngle’s The Cube with VMware CMO Robin Matlock!

Robin talks about the upcoming VMworld conference which is also in Las Vegas saying there are “a lot of exciting things” for VMworld this year and that the conference would put it’s focus on multicloud, and management for both on-premise and digital cloud.

She also promised a highly “technical conference” 🙂

Here is the full video:


Win a Free pass to Vmworld

If you can’t convince your boss to pony up the dough for a conference pass to VMworld then fear not!!! All hope is not lost!!!


Below I have a guide/summary to all the places where you can try your luck at getting your hands on a pass for free!

I hope to see you there!!!

    I used to work for Unitrends and they are an awesome company! This proves what I already know as they are giving away 2 conference passes over June/July! Register here!!
  2. VEEAM!!!
    Veeam has 10 passes to VMworld 2016 US or Europe going and from March – July they will announce 2 lucky winners each month. Register here!!
  3. VMTURBO!!!
    VMTurbo are running 3 raffles for a conference pass in May/June/July! Register here!

If I see any more competitions for passes I will post them up!

Good luck everyone who is trying for one!!! 🙂


VMworld Vegas is coming – Be Ready!

VMworld is coming and it’s in one of the more punishing conference locations….

Las Vegas!!! 🙂

It’s always good to see what all the participating sponsor companies have to offer while catching up with so many colleagues that i only get to see maybe 2-4 times a year!


Given that it’s Vegas this year and Las Vegas is a bit crazy…. certain things will happen….

1.) You will take a cab just to cross the street!
2.) You will melt waiting in a line for said cab…..
3.) You will see Imagine Dragons play somewhere….. 😛
4.) Damian Karlson will lose at Casino war at least once…..
5.) There will be a new VMware buzzworld that everyone will overuse!

Anyway it should be a blast! I’ll post more on this soon!!!!

You can register now at VMworld.com so get booking early and save yourself some money!!!!



LegoUnicorn_0It’s that time of the year again where “Grand Community Wizard” Corey Romero dishes out the VMware vExpert awards to those few who have taken on “unicorn like traits” and gone the extra mile in the awesome VMware community!

vExperts each year have been deemed to have demonstrated significant contributions to the VMware  community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

I was honoured again this year to receive this award making is 4 for me in total and 3 years in a row! So I now can update my banner on my website to look like this:


Check out the blog post announcing the full list of recipiants here:



2016 Shaping up!

Just a brief update!


2016 is already looking like a busy year! I’ve got plenty of trips for both business and pleasure! Just a few of them are:

  • Spain for the F1 Winter Testing!
  • Several Portugal trips for both work and pleasure!
  • Cyprus
  • Texas, USA (a wedding and community meet-ups!)
  • Barbados (Hosting the first of my own VIP networking initiatives!)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for Q1 :o!

I hope to see you all this year!

If you are in the same part of the globe as I am then please drop me a line as I’m always either attending of running some sort of event or networking shindig during my travels! 😉

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy apparently!


Ok so it goes without saying that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be the biggest film of 2015 and possibly the last 20 years!

It was impossible to get tickets for a screening for several days after they started selling them….. but fear not!!!

Nimble Storage have you sorted!


 They are having a private screening for IT pros in London! Register here: http://info.nimblestorage.com/Star-Wars-12-18-15.html

UPDATE: It looks like Zerto are also on board with this and the number of screening has increased A LOT NOW. US peeps can also sign up to a screening here: http://www.zerto.com/drwars-premieres/


The vRockstar party at VMworld Barcelona was for a 4th year a resounding success!!!!!


My pics are available on this private Facebook link!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to mine and Marco’s team who all helped put on a great party!


Thanks to the team listed below! Some of you were there to help and some of you were not but you all made it an awesome time!

The Planners!

Me – @Patrick Redknap … obviously! 🙂

Marco  Broeken who co-founded the party with me!

Mike Letschin, Brian Knudtson, Jim Millard, Alastair Cooke & Crystal Lowe who were all on the joint VMunderground, vRockstar, vBrownbag Techtalks and Spoustivities funding committee with us and who made getting sponsors an easier process with year!

People who helped at the event: Amy Lewis, Damian Karlson, Mark Browne, Tim Jabut and many more (sorry if i missed anyone out!)!!!

Also a huge thanks to our sponsers this year!!